for Wednesday February 15th

This colorful visitor attracted my attention with the sunlight shining thru his drip bags. Only the green shows in the photograph and a bit of the yellow one. It was a bit nippy but he was warmly dressed. There was an other smoker at our property. He didn't look friendly and might have sent me into next week so I didn't bother him. The colorful bags shown above reminded me of cool-aide.


  1. Wow!! So depending on if someone scares u u may or may not go out and bitch at them ON J STREET, for smoking, i think im going to stand outside and smoke,although i may not look scary i will tell you how it is going to be!!! You dont own sactown!!! U sound like a fucking baby!! Move out to the hills if u dont like ppl in front of your house and or noise!! Pussy!!!

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