for Monday August 27

Some smokers are still around despite the signs.

Mercy please smoke elsewhere.


for July 27th Friday

Smoker about half on Hospital property, half on City property.


For Thursday July 26th

 At 8 pm last night there were 5 people smoking by our home. 3 appeared to be patients. In the background is a patient with a blue gown on sitting in a wheelchair, See below.

The black thing on the left is the ashtray. Every once in a while it catches fire.


for Monday July 23rd

We are very tired of smelling cigarette smoke at our home

Maybe a sign or two will help


for July 22nd, Sunday

Our back door is only a few feet from Mercy's smokers. Mercy put this small sign up. There is never a day that they are not in our breathing area. Every day some are asked to stop smoking by our home. Some are short tempered.

This smoker is crouched behind a tree. This man like most smokers is on Mercy property.

We thought better signage might help. 


Mercy Noise Video


This is our wake up call that tells Joanie and I, it's time raise ands shine whether we want to or not. When this truck unloads in the middle of the street it is even louder. I wish someone would explain to me how the hospital which has added all the building square footage, has not a single commerical parking place to unload this truck in their on their property except in the street a few feet from our house.


for Wednesday February 15th

This colorful visitor attracted my attention with the sunlight shining thru his drip bags. Only the green shows in the photograph and a bit of the yellow one. It was a bit nippy but he was warmly dressed. There was an other smoker at our property. He didn't look friendly and might have sent me into next week so I didn't bother him. The colorful bags shown above reminded me of cool-aide.