for Tuesday October 25th

Monday morning at the Mercy Freight Exchange. (MFX) The vendor used the sidewalk and parkway. If you blocked the side way, etc. You would get a ticket. The truck is clearly parked outside the white markers. The car on the right is veering into the middle lane to get around. Ready made situation for an impoverished lawyer.

The Mercy Smoking and Information Exchange is busy as always. (MSIE?) The yellow post in the foreground is close to our property line. Depending on the breeze we often get a good dose of 2nd hand smoke. Mercy caused the problem, they should fix it. It is not up to us to police their problems.


for Monday October 17th

Monday morning wake up call at the Mercy Freight exchange. In the orange oval is the shredder truck. In the red oval a wheel chair patient.
This truck is clearly parked in the red and unloading in the driveway.
It is a tight fit for buses and could be a dangerous one if men and equipment from the trucking operation are there.
Count the commercial vehicles. With the Shredder truck (out of this picture) There are five commercials. Mercy needs a service area for all this activity. Not as they are doing now.


For Thursday October 13th

It was very busy this morning at the Mercy Freight Exchange.
The driver in the red shirt is playing "Car Dodge".
A Mercy Bus works his way through the maze.

This is a typical-untypical morning. Someone probably took the shredder truck's place in the back, Mercy is moving, etc.


for Wednesday October 12

Thank You Mercy. Repeat.......Thank You Mercy, for an empty sidewalk.

This sidewalk has been used for many years to connect two Mercy buildings. The main hospital and the Medical building, northeast corner of 41st and J St. This will relieve hospital foot traffic, and hopefully some of the smokers by our home.


for Wednesday October 5th

Some thing is new on J St., 3810 J St. This building is being remodeled into a medical or medical related building for Mercy. This leave a question. Mercy, at the permit for expansion, promised no more expansion. They are not buying this building but are leasing it. With the remodel, I suspect it is a long term lease. Is this just a way to skirt their promise not to buy? Not to expand
This show a relationship with Mercy's new building and the Main hospital in the background on the left.


for Tuesday October 4th

What is wrong with way the truck is parked at the Mercy freight dock? The truck has climbed the curb to stay out of the traffic lanes. Are these curbs designed for loaded trucks to climb?
Something else that is not right. The hospital is using the parkway area and sidewalks for their operation. It is a ticket able offense to block the sideway. Have any tickets been issued to any trucking companies? Where is the mysterious permit issued by the city to Mercy for commercial parking there? Mercy keeps claiming they have one. I would like to see what it allows.


for monday October 3rd

Monday morning at the Mercy Freight Stop. Things have improved for us. They still have a ways to go, There are three Mercy related trucks and a Mercy bus in this picture. A question that needs to be addresses: After the expansion does this situation all go away or does it still exist?
Mercy's neighborhood smoking area, There are four smokers in the picture. Two are in hospital gowns. Why don't they smoke where the doctors and nurses smoke? They all have a lot in common.
Nice old man out for a walk. He saw me out there with my camera and left his cigarette and his perch on our wall. How does Sutter Memorial handle their smokers?